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Top things every man should have in his wardrobe.

Today I want to talk to you about a few basic items that every man should need in his wardrobe to ensure that you’ll always be on top of men’s fashion with a stylish look. I’m going to start bottom to top. I do not carry all of these as of yet at Conquered Kings but as we continue to expand, you may see some of these appear.

Shoes. The first basic item is a stylish, durable pair of shoes where you can dress them up or down. My personal pair is doc martins. Its one shoe that is versatile enough to be worn in most situation, from a night on the town, to going on a walk and is weather resistant. Beautiful leather design and can be shined right up.

Pants. Every wardrobe needs a pair of darker pants. Whether dark jeans or my personal favorite, slacks. I am not a fan of wearing jeans and find that sturdy, fitted, well-made slacks are comfortable and I’m ready for a game night at home or a night out on the town. Every man should own a pair of at a minimum gray and navy for well versatile wardrobe. If you are like me, black is a staple. They should be fitted, not baggy and fall right on top of your shoes with only 1 break at maximum in the fabric.

Dress shirt. Skip the white and choose a more stylish color. Bring out your eye color fellas. Choose a blue to bring out your blue eyes. Choose a maroon to bring out your brown eyes, etc. Your partner will appreciate it and you’ll gain style points.

Polo. We offer great, stylish polos for your closet and they’re noticeable, rebellious and gives you the edge to be liberating. No closet is complete without at least one. Makes for a great date night shirt when you don’t want to look too dressy but not th too casual in a t-shirt

Watch. A watch makes a statement to itself. Not to name brands but we all know we want to wear that Rolex, but there are many great watches out there that are under $500 and look more expensive. Just the fact that you wear a watch, adds style and shows subconsciously that you are responsible. Personally, a must of any basic wardrobe.

Sports Jacket Most men surprisingly do not own a dress coat. But I’m telling you that you should. Pair it with your slacks, shoes, watch and dress shirt, add on a great smelling cologne and you’re ready to conquer the world.

Thank you for supporting Conquered Kings!

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