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Raise a Dragon Slayer

"Never feel sorry for raising dragon-slayers in a time when there are actual dragons." – Unknown

Man fighting a dragon
Businessman fighting a dragon By rudall30 - Adobe Stock

The world as we knew it yesterday, is not the same today as it will be tomorrow. Conformity, peer pressure, and the like were still a thing, but the internet did not amplify it. It is hard enough to be an adult, let alone a kid in a world that can fell oh so cold. Someone once said that the world is going to hell in a handbasket and there is nothing you can do about it. But there is. Be the change you want to see. Make sure you push forward your ideas, and become who you thought you would be, even if it is an uphill battle. It is always a grind. But one thing that I believe is “what you do for yourself, dies with you. What you do for others and the world, remains and is immortal” – Albert Pike. You can also raise a dragon slayer. I’m not saying it will be easy but it is something we need to do. Teaching others to be resourceful, resiliency, and character. Traits that make you exemplary. Society as a whole, sometimes feels like a battle you cannot win, and trip falls around us, some of which are Dragons. There are Dragons all around us. Deadly problems that face us everywhere- intellectual, cultural, moral, economic and more. Dragons steal and horde our time, our energy and threaten our way of life. They poison the hearts and minds of men and women, and if not careful, will soon transform others into becoming dragons themselves. Dragons threaten our values. They threaten our futures. These dragons endanger everything that is good and decent about what humanity has struggled to build today. If left to feed, these dragons will raise our children to become the dragons for the next generation and them the generation after that. It’s a continuous cycle. One that we must break. Choose to raise dragon-slayers instead. Go against the grain. Teach others to stand up to the dragons. Question their purpose, ascend and stand up for your beliefs, and stand fast to resolve against the Dragons. It takes grit to not be influenced by or to become the dragon. Those at the top, hording all the wealth, are the dragons. They presents an image that tricks us into being docile and compliant and that your neighbor is the problem, rather than the dragon. They will pit you against each other, so they can laugh and take more wealth and grow even more powerful with their hordes. What can you do? You can choose who you and your child associates with and surround them with people whose values reflect truth and decency. You can choose what you and your circle is exposed to. The world is full of dragons. If we don’t start raising more dragon-slayers, the dragons will continue to win. Let them take up your mantle after you are gone, so that future generations are given a better life then you had.

Choosing this path might not be for the faint of heart, but it will take courage, the ability to face your fears head on and lead with compassion. Stand tall, fight your fight, raise the dragon slayers and conquer the dragons around you.

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