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The pocket square

A pocket square, also known as the “pocket handkerchief”. One of the defining style details of a gentleman. Can add a hint a pop of color, an air of rebellion and class to any suite coat.

Style experts suggest that the handkerchief originated in ancient Egypt, when red-colored bandages were worn around the Nile by people as a symbol of wealth; the first example of a fabric only accessory. The real pocket square as we know it, took birth around the 19th century, when the 2 and 3 piece suit became a must-have of the male wardrobe.

Have you ever speculated why most tailored jackets are made with an external pocket? It was created with nothing but elegance in mind. A place to add in a stylish handkerchief could avoid unhygienic contact with coins and other items kept in the pocket. With the pocket square in place, the outfit is completed. Of note: it is important to remember that if you wear a tie, the pocket square color and pattern may match, however it is typically darker then the dress shirt. The perfect size pocked according to Lanieri is 33 x 33 cm. This size fits perfect for every type of pocket.

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There are many different kinds of folds, and we will talk about some of the most popular versions.

Singlepoint pocket sqaure suit man
Single Point

One point or “corner up”, is one of the easier ways to fold the handkerchief. It consists of folding the pocket square making only one corner protrude from the pocket. Simple, yet stylish.

The two-pointed fold, aka “Two corners up”, is very similar to “corner up”, but with two overlapping corners. Accentuates the shape of the chest and the width of the shoulders.

Bad ass suit gent Rebelious dapper guy
Square shape

The square shape, also known as the presidential, looks dapper with a bow tie or even without a tie. Considered out of time, it is folded in a rectangular shape and inserted in the pocket, letting it come out only a few centimeters, parallel to the edge of the pocket. Minimalistic and simple.

Suit, gentleman, king, man
Puff pocket square

Puffing is considered a softer shape and a great way to wear a silk pocket square. It consists of lifting the handkerchief by holding it in the center and letting it fall downwards, then folding the lower part upwards, thus maintaining softness and volume. Some describe it as a mix of creativity and light-heartedness.

Once you have chosen your perfect fold, it is a general rule to not let the handkerchief come out more than 1 1/2 inch from the pocket.

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