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Men's Nerd Socks

Men's Nerd Socks

While nobody knows exactly who invented socks, many ancient cultures around the world had some version of a sock, often a piece of cloth made to be wrapped around the feet inside of shoes. While socks were invented for practical reasons, people started to really have fun with their socks by around 1,000 A.D. when wearing colorful stockings, socks and leggings became a symbol of luxury. Now a days, you can find just about anything on socks. 


Show off your inner nerd with these dress socks. These socks feature different geometric shapes, planets and graphics. Made from Turkish cotton, these fun socks are so soft and comfortable that they will leave your feet in luxury and style.


  • ADD A FUN & FUNKY TOUCH TO EVERY OUTFIT with the Socks n Socks premium men's cotton dress socks, which are here to dazzle everyone with their colorful design and trendy patterns!
  • COMFORT,LUXURY & STYLE AT YOUR FEET! Our business socks for men are made from 80% Turkish super-soft cotton, 18% nylon and 2% spandex, in order to offer your feet a comfy, snug and perfect fit. Make a statement and put your best foot forward!
  • KEEP YOUR FEET WARM, DRY & COMFORTABLE ALL DAY, thanks to the nonslip weave, reinforced toe and sweat-resistant, breathable Turkish cotton fabric! You can wear your dress socks all day long without the slightest discomfort.
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