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Skull and Bones Signet Ring

Skull and Bones Signet Ring

Signet rings are an expression of individuality and fashion statements. Some are even family heirlooms. What most people don’t realize is how important signet rings are as a cultural item of jewelry and the surprisingly significant role in history.


Signet rings were originally emblazoned with a family crest and they would be used to stamp, or more or less sign a document. The metal shape would leave a permanent mark in any soft wax or clay and this would be placed onto a variety of legal documents. It was normal for all the most influential people in the world to have these rings and use them to confirm the authenticity of any document. This is really the origin of the corporate seal which is still used today.


Mainly used in the middle ages, to help signify a family, power, and legitimacy. It is arguable one of the most important pieces of jewelry a man would own. Prestige, tradition and linage are a core part of what a signet ring represents.


Functional yet beautiful. This one is skull and bones Jolly Roger to show class and edge.


Sterling silver ring inspired by ancient signet ring designs.


o Solid .925 sterling silver

o Oxidized matte finish

o Available in sizes

o Handcrafted in the USA

o Worldwide shipping in 3 - 10 days

    PriceFrom $255.50
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