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Conquered Kings Pin

Conquered Kings Pin

Show your rebellious side wherever you go with this stunning Conquered Kings pin. The 1.5-inch pin pictures a skull wearing a crown; the logo of Conquered Kings. The skull king logo was designed to give myself and others a reminder to achieve their dreams and not give up.

Be a maverick. Be a liberator. A Revolutionary.


The skull in the design represents objects that have been achieved. Conquered. Objects achieved are checked off the list; dead, thus a skull.


The crown signifies the power and dignity, like that of a king. The crown on the skull as a reminder of the power we have to do the work, and the ability to achieve our goals. Plus, who doesn’t love a good skull and crown? Bad ass. That logo means business, and you will instantly be known as a  renegade.


Add some rebellious flare showing your nonconformist side to any attire. This King of pins is made from hard enamel with a double pin backing. Looks great on your lapel, the collar of your coat, or strap of your bag. If you enjoy collecting pins or just want to add one with a special meaning to your collection, then this is the pin for you. Use it as a reminder that you can conquer all and a bad ass Makes a great gift!

* 1.5-inch pin
* Double backing
* Hard enamel

*Butterfly style clasps
* Conquered Kings is laser engraved on the back

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